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Thank you for our giving Veterans!

You will be enriched in every way so that you can be generous on every occasion, and through us your generosity will result in thanksgiving to God.

We have many people that have been serving for many years. We have been lucky enough to have Adrian from Eastminster Presbyterian Church . He has been serving for many years at Clifton Sanctuary. As you can see from his smile he is blessed to serve the homeless and help in any way he can.

We have many people who come to us and ask how can we help? There are many ways you can help. There is dinner time! Where you can bring a meal and help serve! You can 20 bring bag lunches to the guests so they can have something to eat that day when they go to find work. You can even just show up and sit down with the guests and get to know the people in our community.

If you are in the medical field we can certainly use your talents. Through our Health and Wellness Initiative, Clifton provides our guests with vital health information, helping to monitor any health issues and providing a safe space for recuperation. All guests receive a health assessment provided by a volunteer nurse who, in turn, connects them with the appropriate community resources. Are you a nurse who would like to volunteer some time - this is a great gig for a retired nurse - or do you know a nurse who wants to truly make a difference in his/her world? Learn more about our work and how you can become apart of our health and wellness initiative by contacting us today.  

Please go to the Volunteer Opportunities section in our website to find out what you and your organization can to to help at .

Thank you so much for visiting out site. We hope that you keep coming back! If you have any questions please let us know and we would love to hear from you.

Thanks again!

Clifton Sanctuary Ministries

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