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RW's Story a Georgia Native

Updated: May 23, 2019

Help a Teacher in Need at Clifton - Pay it Forward

R.W. is originally from GA but lived in Washington for 20 years.  His passion for education and desire to see the advancement of today’s youth led him to a career as an 8th grade math teacher. While teaching in Washington, R.W. found a school district that he felt needed someone who possessed his love of teaching and decided to change districts. Unfortunately, the school district decided to go a different route and R.W. was not hired for the position.  R.W. lived off his savings for a while and it began to run out. Later, a friend of R.W.’s began encouraging him to move back to Atlanta while making promises that they would be able to live together.  After returning, R.W.’s friend decided it was not a good idea for them to live there.  Shortly after, R.W.’s car was repossessed. He spent the rest of his savings retrieving his belongings from his car.  With no income, no savings, and nowhere else to go, R.W. found himself at Clifton’s door. It was then that his life began to change for the better.

Through the stability that R.W. received at Clifton, he was able to focus on his goals, devise a plan, and act on the plan that he’d created. R.W. applied to teach in the Dekalb County school system and was back in the classroom teaching in slightly more than a month after arriving at Clifton. While he waited for his teaching start date, R.W. worked at an auto auction transporting vehicles to different areas. R.W. completed his return to self-sufficiency by securing housing at a rooming house in Metro Atlanta. R.W. used Clifton as a place to clear his mind and restructure his life. Be a part of that change - we need volunteers! We need friends to make a financial investment! We need you!!!

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