Wake Forest Youth Mission

Recently we were visited by 20 6th and 8th grade students from Wake Forest, NC who were in Atlanta doing a Haiti simulation misson training. They slept in makeshift huts for a week in 90 degree weather and ate uncooked food from trash bags to gain a deeper empathy for what the earthquake survivors are going through in that nation.

After 5 days of intense heat and no showers they headed over to Clifton sanctuary Ministries where they volunteered for 9 hours before finally being able to retire to a motel to cool off and clean up.

Our clothing closet had backed up with donations for a few weeks so they had mounds of clothes to sort by type, condition and size. The entire dining are of Night Hospitality looked like a clothing factory as they set up tables and began building piles. Many of the clothes needed to be washed and folded so they did that too. They swept and cleaned the downstairs, polished the stainless steel freezers and ice machines and then took a very short break as they waited for our guests to come home so they could serve them dinner alongside of our dear friends at Community Friendship.

The group was amazing, especially considering what they had already gone through during the earlier part of the week. And they really made the clothing closet ship shape once again. Thank you Wake Forest and Thank you Community Friendship!