Unrecognized Acts of Kindness

There are times that good acts of kindness or service goes not recognized, or so it seems.

During my travels during the day going to some of the places in Atlanta that offers services to people in homeless situations like myself, there are usually negative attitudes displayed. That could be from the homeless people or sometimes even more from the people providing the service.

There comments would often be, you’re lucky to get that, beggars can’t be choosey, or sometimes just the looks from them says it all. They seem to offer service from everywhere other than from the heart and I am learning every day that the only place to serve from, is from the heart.

Not giving grudgingly.

More often that’s also the times when the good deeds go unnoticed.

When there is a place that understands the downfall of people, times of trouble, not passing judgments and most important doing God’s work with a good spirit.

Brings back many memories from what Martin Luther King Jr. was fighting for us back in the day and even then people who struggled, was broke, poor, homeless, and didn’t think it was ever going to change for them.

It has taken many years for some of the work that Martin Luther King Jr. did to go noticed and rewarded.

Which brings me to the next point, Clifton Sanctuary just got awarded by Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Service Award for all they do in the Atlanta community.

I was truly blessed in so many ways to have attended and seen this amazing event with my own eyes.

A homeless shelter being noticed, recognized, and then rewarded for helping homeless men is high on my list of things I never heard of.

Getting awarded anything from Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health is a great honor and for me it just shows that God has his hands over all that goes on.

There were nine other organizations that receive an award and all had great stories of how they do their part helping the Atlanta Community and the years behind them doing it.

Then to hear Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears, as the keynote speaker, tell her story of how she overcame some impossible hurdles and the organizations that she is an advocate for now was truly motivating.

That alone lit the fire in me to believe that God wants me to remove some of the limits in my thinking of what I think I am capable of doing.

So this award for Clifton Sanctuary is not small victory as this puts them high on the list of “Who’s Doing What in Atlanta” and from the looks of it that award will shine with the glory of God’s grace for a very long time.

That award went to an organization that has been damaged by arsonists a couple of times, that right smack in the middle of a really nice neighborhood, and has the nicest volunteers in the world that show up every day with smiles, open hands and hearts, and No smart comments trying to make the homeless feel lower than the ground.

I believe that Community Service would very much include helping a large number of men that made some wrong decisions, wrong choices, and wrong beliefs. Those same men got to the point of surrendering, pushing ego aside and asking for help.

Help that Clifton House is providing with the spirit of God in all they do and will do for the homeless in the future.