Trying Not To Become Homeless

Watching The Thousands Of People Trying Not To Become Homeless

Last week during my daily travels I heard many people were headed to some program call NACA to help save their homes.

I went to check it out; which was at the convention center downtown and it was very warm in there as well.

As I move around the function and listened to the many homeowners talk, it was a cloud of hurt, shame, disbelief, and just all around self-pity which I know that feeling all too well.

Then there was a speaker that went through the process with everyone and during the different topics he spoke of, he would talk briefly about how he was almost homeless a couple of years back.

He talked about how this same program saved his home and then he became an advocate for the program as well as an employee.

Many people were asking questions during his presentation that keep interrupting him but he was patient with them and generally concerned and they all sounded the same.

They were afraid to lose their homes and we all felt that in the air.

Many made comments about not believing that this program would help them regardless of the many success stories that show from past efforts to help homeowners right here in Atlanta.

It all hit deep in my heart because of the many years of being a real estate investor, being a landlord, and owning my own homes to NOW being homeless.

For me meaning not owning ANY homes!

But as they started to show on the big screen all the people that were being helped in real time, I am looking at them on the stage as well as on the screens, I begin to pray that more would come in for this miracle.

The miracle that comes from asking for help.

Something that I haven’t done, until the last 9 months, which ended with me in full surrender mode.

People were getting their mortgage reduced in amount owed, monthly payment as much as $500.00 in some cases.

When I think of how $500.00 a month difference many times for me in the past would make a difference of holding on to my home.

Something that I haven’t done up till the last 9 months which ended me up in full surrender mode.

I could only think for a moment as to all the times that I would be too prideful to ask for help because it would show that I didn’t know as much as I looked like I did.

Which means that I only looked smart, LOL.

But then I had a different feeling come over me, a feeling of peace, safe, and hopeful of what God can and will do for me because I am asking for Help now.

Now is all I have as I have been learning, thank God!

So again when I think of all the help that I am receiving right now from Clifton House mainly because I Don’t have a home.

Because I don’t have a home, I am receiving meals prepared for me, health care from the Homeless Veterans program, clothes, toothpaste, soap, a soft bed, air , water, freedom, sorry, I started a whole new gratitude list here.

So anyway this week showed me that I am not the only one that made financial mistakes in life and nor am I the only one that God is helping all because he loves me and because I asked for help.

Let’s see what lesson falls in my lap next week.

Author-Homeless But Not Hopeless.