Tree Falls

On Thursday, June 13th, heavy thunderstorms moved through the Atlanta area. During that storm a rather large tree in the southeast corner of the property, near Ivy Place and McClendon, split. A substantial portion of the tree fell to the ground. Fortunately it fell away from the street, our building and our neighbors. As you can see in the images below we now have a third of the tree on the ground. Looking at the part of the tree still standing we must wonder if the next big storm won’t bring more of the tree down.

We need your help to remove the tree and to inspect the portion still standing. Are you or is someone you know an arborist? Would you or a group of people from your church be able to cut the fallen portion of the tree into manageable pieces. Even better could you remove the fallen portion of the tree?

Perhaps you can make a small contribution to help with the cost of having the tree removed.

Tree Down

Tree Down at Clifton

Tree Falls

Tree Top After the Fall