Health And Wellness

Brenda, case managerThe board felt strongly that our guests needed help navigating the health care system in Atlanta, but did not want to get into the business of providing direct medical care. One of our wonderful volunteers, Brenda Gales, mentioned that she would like to help us fulfill our vision by developing the Health and Wellness Initiative.

Through this program, Brenda works closely with our guests educating each one about their individual health status including specific education about hypertension and diabetes. She ensures that they attend any medical appointments and understand the importance of proper dosage and when to take their medications.  She has already implemented a program the requires each guest to have an HIV and TB test immediately upon intake at Clifton. With the incidence of both these diseases on the rise, early detection and intervention is crucial.

Brenda is also working closely to establish relationships with medical providers in the community that can evaluate and treat our men who have substance abuse or other mental illness issues.

Please contact Brenda at (404) 373-3253 x306 if you can provide rides to our guests who have doctor’s appointments which are not accessible via MARTA or if you have any medical expertise which would allow us to better serve our guests.

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