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computer-partsClifton is dedicated to helping the homeless men of Atlanta to become self-sufficient through employment opportunities.  And as we strive to remove all possible barriers that the men of Clifton encounter as they look for employment, it has become increasingly evident that we must provide access to computers, the internet, and classes which teach keyboarding skills.

Beginning our Third Year

with Open Lab for Job Seekers

Open Lab for Job Seekers remains an integral component of comprehensive service delivery by Clifton Sanctuary Ministries. In our celebration we spotlight programmatic successes which incorporate selected participating guests within the 2nd quarter (April – June) of operations. The most significant outcome for Open Lab… is that we are funded by anonymous individual gifts throughout this calendar year. Anyone worth their salt in Non-Profit Organizations knows being leveraged by individual gift is indeed the penultimate goal cultivating both brand and signature of most successful enterprise which are trained at expert level to correspond to comprehensive service delivery.

Perhaps most consistent with our history is an emerging “cohort” of participating guests who become our “regulars”

  • Mr. Joe Spears consistently works on legal matters of paternity; and was most endeared to Mr. Gabriel Eisen, our Student Intern currently working in Sicily (Italy) in a summer program through Paideia High School in Atlanta.
  • Another regular whom consistently partnered with our Student Intern was Mr. Donald Delain; a Haitian immigrant using our resources to actively seek employment in the Food Industry.
  • Mr. Eugene Richards represents a short-term regular, whom I am told is currently one of the new residents at Joe’s Place – the Transitional Housing element of Clifton Sanctuary Ministries.
  • Mr. Ed Kimbrough is a short-term regular whom is presently seeking housing in metro-Atlanta.
  • Mr. Richard Alston represents last of our short-term regulars whose participation in the Open Lab is becoming most scant.

Our services – indeed – our resource provides high speed internet and access to both printing and scanning used for legal matters as well as, search for work which in significant cases results in graduation from our Night Hospitality Program to Joe’s Place. That’s what our “hardware” both facilitates and leverages; our “software” is grounded in:

  • Ensuring that legal efforts are pursued through appropriate channels at the United Way Building;
  • Assigning reading by F. Braudel for appropriate insight for field study
  • (Re)assurance that metro-Atlanta is most appropriate location to pursue work in Food Service Industry, as a super sector which comprise greatest source of employment, informed by further direction that Hospitality Industry remains the recorded source of new employment for this sector.

The Open Lab for Job Seekers operates in the domain of classroom setting; proverbially speaking, we teach a man to fish. In our classroom setting, with continuing thanks to Joe’s Ladder, we provide pens and notebooks used for recording computer tasks by our participating guests. Perhaps most noteworthy outcome from this effort is the resonant voice of groups of participating guests proclaiming aloud and jointly, “Ask The Computer”. Ask The Computer emerged as foundation within Core Curriculum. I particularly enjoy observing those who now routinely use the internet search engines for spelling words.

By Mr Ronald Perry, The Computer Guy at Clifton


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