Recently we recived a phone call from Carmen M. Aponte,Sr. Administrative Assistant at OptumHealth in Plano Texas. She explained that OptumHealth was having it’s 2nd quarter meeting in Atlanta at their Dunwoody offices and they wanted to do a community service activity with their budget instead of the usual corporate dinner. They found out about Clifton from our web page and contacted us. They asked everyone attending the meeting to bring one of each thing on the Clifton wish list. Clifton Resident Manager Reggie Jones took the seats out of the Clifton van and drove it to the headquarters near Perimeter Mall and loaded it up with the bags of donations while Donald Long talked to the board members about the many wonderful things that Clifton does. One board member followed Donald to the elevator and wrote out a personal check while thanking Clifton for the work that we do. You just never know where your blessings will come from. THANK YOU OPTUMHEALTH!