Hello all!

First, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Atlanta Art Institute for all of their hard work on our new website! Thank you Webraisings! It looks amazing! But because it is so new we are still updating and working out the kinks!

So bear with us and stay tuned as we get the site fully operational.

And now that summer is upon us, we would request that you not forget your friends at Clifton. Our current needs at the Night Hospitality include canned or fresh fruits, liquid dish detergent, canned or powered milk, peanut butter and jelly, sugar, underwear – briefs (sizes medium and large) and undershirts (sizes medium, large, extra-large). Also, at Joe’s Place, we still need an air-conditioner. So if anyone has one laying around the house that still works, the guys would appreciate it tremendously, especially in this Atlanta heat!

If you have not been by Clifton recently, please notice our lovely, newly paved parking lot! Thanks to all

of our volunteers and donors who helped make it possible.

We also have a community garden on the grounds and are looking for volunteers to help with tending the garden or providing more plants. So if you are an experienced botanist/horticulturist or even just someone with an interest in gardening, please stop on by and volunteer some of your TLC and time!

God bless you all!