• Activities Coordinator - Helps the Volunteer Organizer with on and off-site recreational activities for our guests. Assists with special events such as the Clifton Annual Graduation and Honors Dinner, BBQ events, etc.
  • Clothes Closet – Sorts and organizes clothing and household goods donations; maintains the tidiness of the clothing closet.
  • Laundry - As part of the Evening Host program, helps wash up to six small loads of laundry for our guests.
  • Tutor - Provides educational support to our  guests with basic computer skills, resumes, GED preparation, job readiness, etc.

Derrick from John 3:18 serves our guests the evening meal



  • Evening Host – This group either brings dinner or helps our cook serve the evening meal. They lead our guests in a prayer of grace and join them while they eat and share their day with them. The Evening Host also does up to 6 loads of laundry for our guests whose team it happens to be  that day and helps them choose clothes for job interviews, work and church.
  • Building and Grounds Improvements – Helping maintain the Night Hospitality Shelter and Joe’s Place with routine maintenance such as painting (internally and externally), minor repairs, etc. If your group is interested in getting their hands dirty, we welcome those groups who will help with yard work such as raking, planting flowers and trimming.
  • Event Planning – Assist in planning and implementing small events for fundraising, helping to decorate at Christmas etc.
If you wish to become a part this wonderful, rewarding and noble work please call our office at 404-373-3253 or email Brenda Gales at gales@cliftonsanctuary.com.

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