One of the goals of the Clifton Board of Directors for the past several years has been to implement a permanent Handing over keys on blue skyhousing program. Recently, with the help of federal funding received through the “Federal Stimulus Plan” this dream has become a reality. Clifton Living – kind of like Southern Living – has recently placed three men in their own homes. The program works like this….to qualify for this program, a guest must have income that meets established federal guidelines (not too much, not too little). An apartment is rented with the guest, along with Clifton, as the lessee. Clifton Living pays the rent and utilities for a three to six month period of time. During this time, the guest is expected to participate in all Clifton programs and at the end of the three to six months, Clifton’s name will come off the lease and the guest will have their own home!

In order to accomplish the goals of this program, we have hired Mayme Grant as our Clifton Living Case Manager. Mayme’s responsibilities are to find apartments that are safe and affordable, qualify the guests into the program, and assist them in budgeting and other skills needed for independent living.

Congratulations to Robin, Mackie, and Quinn, and David for being accepted into the Clifton Living program and we look forward to hearing great things from you all in the future.