Candler Park’s 10th Annual Fall Fest (All Photos are courtesy of Tony Koontz – click on images to view larger version) Each October our good neighbors and friends in Candler Park produce the amazing Fall Fest festival and each year the guests at Clifton play a huge part in making […]

Candler Park Fall Fest 2010

There were so many butterflies in the Clifton organic garden this year and obviously they were attracted by Robbie’s Mexican sunflowers! We are so glad our neighbor, friend and professional photographer Ulrich Brinkmann caught these photos for us. Click here view his website www.ulrichbrinkmann.com

Butterflies at Clifton

Neighbors and friends of MaryLin Elementary School, including some of the guests at Clifton Night Hospitality and Joe’s Place got together to spread a thick layer of soft mulch over the entire play area at the school to keep it a booboo-free area for the children. As always, a great […]

Playground Time At MaryLin

This letter came in a package that was recently delivered to Clifton. The package contained two cans of shaving cream, a package of disposable razors, two sticks of deodorant, a box of corn flakes and a jar of raspberry jelly. There was also an index card with does brushing. There […]

From the Mouths of Babes…

DOOR – Atlanta Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection (DOOR) is a faith based network of urban service-learning programs that expose, educate, challenge, and motivate participants to respond to the issues and concerns facing an increasingly urban world. Program offerings range from a weekend to a year and include opportunities […]