Clifton Sanctuary Ministry has become that great rest stop that offers all those amenities along the tough and windy road of homelessness.

Leaving a treatment program on that sunny April day was the first time getting reconnected to the outside that included 11 days in detox and 28 days in an alcohol rehabilitation center.

My ego was bruised and deflated but the sun sure felt good on my face.

Uncertainty and fear for my sobriety that I didn’t care about for over 19 years was now at the top of my concerns, let alone where the Veteran Homeless programs would provide for me to stay.

Under a bridge or some of these come and go shelters in Atlanta was not an option if I wanted to turn my life and will over to God.

But my case worker got a call from Mrs. Gales saying that a bed was available for me which because God’s plan always seem way better than my best plan, it just so happen to be the day I was released from the treatment center.

God also sent me to Clifton Sanctuary that has spiritual programs, AA meetings, rules, structure, privacy, in a great neighborhood and great food.

Oh, did I mention great food.

The list could go on and on, but for this to be the first ever time of being homeless or checking in a shelter, Clifton Sanctuary completely busted my fear and perception of shelters and being homeless.

Being a real estate investor and home owner of many properties in the past, all of them lacked the feeling of caring, encouraging, and the presence of God.

Clifton Sanctuary would get five stars if there was a rating system for homeless shelters and in my opinion, there should be.

That’s just based on their ability to consistently provide a program that, cleans up, builds up, and lifts up the many misdirected men in the Atlanta area.

Stay tuned as we press on in this journey……

Author: Homeless but Not Hopeless.