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The law firm of Gaslowitz Frankel LLC celebrated 25 years in business by asking each employee to designate a charity they volunteer with. Deanie Quillian is a member of Northwest Presbyterian Church and has been the evening host at Clifton for years. On July 23rd Deanie presented a check for $500 to Executive Director Alice Jenkins and Case Manager Prince Davies-Venn.

Gaslowitz Frankel LLC celebrating 25 years in business with donations

Many thanks to Gaslowitz Frankel for giving back to the community and to Deanie Quillian who was able to share her passion for Clifton through her employer.

What kind of difference can a $500 donation make? Hear Alice Jenkins, the Executive Director of Clifton Sanctuary Ministries, answer this question:


Remember Dad with a Gift to Clifton

This Father’s Day why not remember the fathers in your life with a gift to Clifton Sanctuary Ministries. In honor of Father’s Day we have made a limited edition card to recognize the important man or men in your life. Make a donation with the special button at the bottom of this page and we will send you one of these cards with an envelope.

Seen here are the front and inside of this card.

Father's Day Card Inside of Card











Here is the complete text from the inside of the card.

In recognition of all that you
have given as a father,
someone who loves you
has made a donation toward
Clifton Sanctuary Ministries
in Atlanta, Georgia.

Over 60% of the
homeless population in the
United States is male.

All men deserve a shelter
of love, strength, faith,
opportunity, and a second
chance, just like you have
shown your own children
time and time again.

Clifton is that support system.

Everyone deserves a father as
wonderful as you. Thank you
for all that you are and all
that you do. Blessings to you
on Father’s Day!

To help defer the production costs we request a minimum $10 donation per card. Please indicate how many cards you would like when you complete the donation process, in the special instructions field. Just click the image below to begin.


Concert to Benefit Clifton

Lauda Musicam of Atlanta
with the assistance of the vocal ensemble Uncommon Practice presents
Bring on the Spring!

A French & English Celebration of Springtime on February 23, 3:00 pm
at Church of the New Covenant, 3330 Chestnut Drive, Doraville, GA
(on the web at and

A concert for the entire family! Our Concerts with a Cause are free. We invite you to participate in a free-will offering after the concert to benefit Clifton Sanctuary Shelter. Donations for Lauda Musicam are also welcome.

Lauda Musicam of Atlanta, conducted by Jody Miller, performs Medieval and Renaissance music on instruments appropriate for the time period. After the dreary winter

months, the coming of spring warrants a celebration. Lauda performs some of the music written for this joyous annual change in seasons. Lauda Musicam of Atlanta is an instrumental ensemble of recorders, viols, flutes, harpsichord, sackbuts, shawms, harps, crumhorns, cornettos, and percussion. Uncommon Practice, an a cappella vocal ensemble specializing in music before Bach’s “common practice” period, will assist.

instrument petting zoo with Lauda Musicam of Atlanta

instrument petting zoo with Lauda Musicam of Atlanta

Following the concert, the ensemble will offer an “instrument petting zoo,” allowing the audience to see the instruments up close and even play them!

Concerts with a Cause is a concert series presented by various performers and Church of the New Covenant as a gift to the community. It is hoped that this series of concerts will enrich the cultural life of the community and aid deserving programs, ministries and missions, in and beyond the Atlanta area. A freewill offering is taken at the close of each program and donated to a designated cause. Performance fees, if required, are underwritten by donors prior to concert dates, so that all audience contributions may be applied to the particular cause of each concert. If you wish to contribute towards the support of this series, please make your contribution payable to “Church of the New Covenant,” with the designation “Concerts with a Cause Fund.”

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Meet Ira Campbell

We’re excited to talk more about our guests and graduates of Clifton, because we believe that spreading the word about this hardworking mission will do a lot of good for both Clifton and those who witness the incredible success of those who stay with us. Ira Campbell, who spoke at our 2013 Graduation Dinner, has graciously allowed us to share his story.

Because of Clifton, Ira is now pursuing a graduate degree in Architecture at Georgia Tech. Listen to his speech here. Below are some additional words Ira had to share about Clifton.

Where were you in your life when you went to Clifton?

After a long military career, I wanted to settle in the Atlanta area. But I found myself here, without an income and having to give up my place. I knew I wanted to attend college but I also wanted to work. This was suppose to be another phase of my life. A phase in which I would be able to do some of the things I wanted to do. Instead, I found myself struggling to survive. And just as with most veterans, I couldn’t find the help that I needed until Clifton.

How do you think Clifton affected your life?

Aside from giving me refuge from the streets, Clifton Sanctuary Ministries has given me a new mission in life. I’d like to use my design skills to help the less fortunate. I want to find old abandoned buildings/lots and transform them into comfortable, secure, temporary homes for males, females as well as families. Starting with the Atlanta area, this concept would be the prototype for the entire country. Clifton has certainly given me an acute awareness of how easily you can slip into homelessness.

What would you like people to know about Clifton?

That Clifton is unlike any other places. The programs, the daily routine, and the structure at Clifton perpetuates an environment for success. It doesn’t share the issues that other sanctuaries experience. That’s probably a direct result of the staff. Their professionalism, their care, and their sincere desire to give back. Its as if God has touched each and every one of them. There are many shelters around the city, I’m so thankful that I landed at Clifton.

What was the best thing about Clifton for you?

Wow, there are so many things about Clifton, I’m not sure where to start. I’d say that the staff is very efficient and provide you with everything that you need. A warm place to sleep and good food is definitely a plus. Lol. But Clifton goes further than that. Not only do you have access to computers, but you can also get certified on windows, work on your resume, and search for jobs. There is a person on staff full time that assists with job search. Posting jobs, talking with potential employers and meeting with all the guests at Clifton to give them the best chance to succeed. We also have bible study, empowerment classes among others. Attending church or some religious service is encouraged, and most guests at Clifton take full advantage of it. And at least once a month, we participate in toastmasters, which gives most people an opportunity to hone their public speaking skills.


Thank you, Ira!


Tree Clean Up Successful!

Our last newsletter produced immediate results. Mr. David Woodward and Mr. Matt Schawb responded immediately to cut up and remove the fallen tree part. It may not have been evident in our pictures but it was close to 100 feet of tree on the ground. The biggest pieces have been removed and the smaller branches and debris await removal by the city of Atlanta. Mr Schawb an experienced arborist now works with Americare Lawn Service. The good news is that he believes the main part of the tree is healthy and there is no need to remove it. Even better new he donated his time and expertise to remove the fallen tree. This saved us a considerable expense and relieved our concern about the main part of the tree. While he no longer removes trees for a living he and Americare Lawn Service are available to help with your lawn care and landscaping needs. Give them a call at (770) 682-LAWN (5296) and be sure to mention Clifton Sanctuary Ministries.


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