News And Notes

Daily supplies are always welcomed and needed to help Clifton fulfill its mission. The following supplies can be dropped off at Clifton during business hours: Toilet paper Paper towels LIQUID laundry detergent Dish-washing liquid Brown lunch-paper bags Ziploc sandwich bags Toothpaste Small packs of mayonnaise and mustard.

Daily Donations Welcomed

Greg Ellis was one of the casualties of “The Great Recession” back in 2008 which led to millions of Americans losing their jobs and homes. Prior to the economic collapse, Ellis enjoyed a stable life, working as a patient care technician and renting his own home. That stability collapsed along […]

“Clifton is like family”

Clifton Sanctuary Ministries is in immediate need of an eight passenger Carpenter Bus, commonly known as a “church van”. Transportation is a vital service we offer to the homeless men in our ministry. Taking them to and from doctor’s appointments and job interviews, as well as transporting our military veterans […]

Church Van Needed