About Being Homeless in Atlanta

What Everybody Ought to Know About Being Homeless in Atlanta

Being homeless in Atlanta or anywhere else for that matter is not easy but everyday gives me another chance to experience hope.

I could and have at times blamed my becoming homeless on everything other than my own choices that I made.

I am learning from my stay at Clifton Sanctuaries Ministry that it’s not how I react that will give me a better chance of a outcome, but rather how I respond.

The blessings that I am receiving from Clifton are all part of God’s plan, whatever he wants it to be.

I see other homeless people and shelters during my travels every day and none of them resemble what’s being offered at Clifton.

The other day, a man was on the Marta train going up and down the aisle asking for money to get something to eat cause he hasn’t ate in 3 days.

I don’t think anyone believed his story because most just looked the other way. It made me think how I used to act the same way and turn my nose up at homeless people.

Never could you have shown me that I too would be homeless one day.

Because of a lot of poor choices I made in life, I was always a couple of checks or business deals away from being without a home but always seemed to keep it going and crediting myself with a pat on my own back.

A fool and his money will soon be parted, or something like that.

Staying at Clifton Sanctuaries, in recovery from Alcoholism, and rebuilding myself from the inside out, seems to be becoming the best laid plan for me by God. Like Joseph being thrown in the well.

As they tell me, keep coming back, more will be revealed.

Author — Homeless But Not Hopeless