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Clifton Sanctuary Ministry is the oldest house of worship emergency shelters operating in Atlanta. Many people refer to Clifton as a “sanctuary” instead of a shelter because it offers a place of solitude from the distressing reality of homelessness; a chance to rebuild a broken life; and an opportunity to connect to God through Christ Jesus. 

The sanctuary description is appropriate also because Clifton was once a church, and the church’s former sanctuary now serves as the living space for up to thirty homeless men. The ministry provides the men — who we refer to as “guests” – a hot meal, clothing, a place to shower, laundry service, individualized counseling, job information, and health and wellness counseling, and most of all, respect.


The staff, volunteers, board of directors, and our guests invite you to become acquainted with our ministry through this web site, and we hope you will be moved to action and support this ministry.

Clifton Sanctuary Ministries

Changing the world 30 lives at a time.

changing the face

One man at a time, we are working to show that homelessness is not helplessness, and disability is not inability.

Why Clifton?

Find out more about what makes us thankful for Clifton and why we help. Clifton has over a 70% success rate for its guests (including those who do not graduate). It is this kind of personal attention to the individuals in our community that changes not only homelessness, but the face of homelessness. We want each person to value themselves as God sees them, to know that we are all creating beauty on our journey, and that homelessness is not helplessness. Find out more as we continue updating our website and social media pages — and contact us to join our mailing list!


Clifton Sanctuary Ministries

369 Connecticut Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307




news and notes

  • Our newest staff member, Elizabeth Reid, is serving a one-year internship at Clifton. She joined the staff this month, and will work as an office administrator and assistant to Clifton’s executive director. Elizabeth is part of a Christian-based internship program called the DOOR Network (Discovering Opportunities for Outreach and Reflection). DOOR is a partner program of […]

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  • On Wednesday, September 28th students from Mercer University’s Student National Pharmaceutical Association will host a health information session for the guests at Clifton. The students will provide blood pressure screenings, and offer tips on how to treat and prevent hypertension, strokes, and kidney disease. The health sessions have become an annual event at Clifton, and […]

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  • Daily supplies are always welcomed and needed to help Clifton fulfill its mission. The following supplies can be dropped off at Clifton during business hours: Toilet paper, paper towels, LIQUID laundry detergent, dish-washing liquid, brown lunch-paper bags, ziploc sandwich bags, toothpaste, and small packs of mayonnaise and mustard.

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  • The law firm of Gaslowitz Frankel LLC celebrated 25 years in business by asking each employee to designate a charity they volunteer with. Deanie Quillian is a member of Northwest Presbyterian Church and has been the evening host at Clifton for years. On July 23rd Deanie presented a check for $500 to Executive Director Alice […]

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