Open 365 days a year, the Clifton Sanctuary is the oldest house-of-worship shelter operating in Atlanta. The staff, volunteers, board of directors, and our guests invite you to become acquainted with our ministry through this web site, and we hope you will be moved to action and become a part of this ministry.

changing the face

One man at a time, we are working to show that homelessness is not helplessness, and disability is not inability.

Why Clifton?

Find out more about what makes us thankful for Clifton and why we help. Clifton is an emergency shelter with over 70% success rate for its guests (including those who do not graduate). It is this kind of personal attention to the individuals in our community that changes not only homelessness, but the face of homelessness. We want each person to value themselves as God sees them, to know that we are all creating beauty on our journey, and that homelessness is not helplessness. Find out more as we continue updating our website and social media pages — and contact us to join our mailing list!


Remembering Kathy Woods

Long time volunteer and former board member Katharine “Kathy” Heath Woods, 65, of Decatur, GA, passed away early Monday, May 25, 2015. Kathy will be deeply missed by the entire Clifton community. Please remember her family in your thoughts and prayers.

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news and notes

  • So, our fiscal year ended May 31 – yes, we know it’s a little strange but one of those “we’ve always done it that way” things. Anyway, stunning news regarding our food budget and the frugalness of our staff and volunteers…..we provided approximately 32,000 meals during this fiscal year for a total expenditure of $3,038.63. […]

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  • Long time volunteer and former board member Katharine “Kathy” Heath Woods, 65, of Decatur, GA, passed away early Monday, May 25, 2015, at her home in Coventry Place. Her children, Ashley & Chris Feddern, were by her side. Kathy was born to Katharine and Dudley LS Woods Jr. on January 9, 1950 at John Hopkins […]

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  • Each year we assemble a gift box for each of our guests at Christmas. Our wish list or 2014 appears below. If you are able to help please bring one or more of the following items to the staff office at the shelter, 369 Connecticut Avenue, between now and the 22nd of December. We provide […]

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  • This Veterans Day we at Clifton honor veterans across the nation who have served our country in the armed forces. And we’re pleased to announce a new partnership with the VA serving homeless veterans in the Atlanta area. In conjunction with this VA program and with this year’s Georgia Gives Day, we are raising funds […]

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